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News and Notes

Teddington Methodist Church pre 1944

(The previous Victorian Church built in 1879 and demolished in 1944.)

Sunday 1st August 

10.30am Communion Service Led by Rev David Innes

‘Overcoming Guilt’ Psalm 51 

Sunday 8th August 

10.30am Morning Service Led by Danny Sitton

‘Wrestling with God’ Genesis 32: 24-32 

News & Notes The next edition will be 8th August. Items should reach Sarah at newsandnotes@teddingtonmethodistchurch.org.uk by 9am on 5th August. As in previous years, News and Notes will be produced fortnightly over the summer holiday on 8th and 22nd August. Weekly editions resume on 5th September. If you would like to receive News & Notes by e-mail, please let Sarah know. 

General Information & News 

Visitors and those new to Teddington Methodist Church A leaflet “Teddington Methodist Church – A Warm Welcome for the Whole Community” is available on request. We welcome anybody who may wish to become a member of TMC. 

Prayer requests If you have someone you would like church prayers for, please get in touch.  

Church Flowers If you would like to provide flowers for church, please speak to Gill Jackson  

Zoom Services We are running Zoom from the church building during the services for a few weeks until more restrictions are lifted. Please join between 10.15am and 10.30am. The Zoom log in details, which are not necessarily the same each week, will be sent by email. To dial in to listen to our Service from a landline (for those without internet access) please get in touch. 

Zoom reminder The church safeguarding team would like to remind you that, in order to comply with GDPR, consent must be obtained from all attendees before any audio or video recording is made of a Zoom meeting, or any screenshots are taken by anyone present at the meeting. Consent must also be given to the way that the recording or screenshot will be shared. 

Churches Together in Teddington: 

25th July Please pray for Sacred Heart Church. 

1st August: Please pray for St Mark’s Church.

Circuit Prayers: 

25th July Please pray for

Sunbury Methodist Church.

Baby Basics.

Bristol District.

St. Barthelemy – volcanic island, wealthy through tourism. Religious, with Catholic and Anglican churches.  Pray for spiritual awakening that that the churches may minister meaningfully in their unique context. 

1st August Please pray for

Teddington Methodist Church.

Teddington School.

Channel Islands District.

St. Helena – dependent on communications, military installations and fishing. Church in rapid decline and facing indifference.  Few young Christians. Pray for spiritual awakening.

WhatsApp Group If you have a smart phone and would like to join our WhatsApp group please get in touch. 

Methodist Church dial a prayer and podcast Listen to a prayer: 0808 281 2514. Listen to news: 0808 281 2478 

Dates for your Diary 

The Saturday Coffee Mornings Saturday coffee mornings will be held in the church garden throughout the summer from 10.30 -12.30.  We have a gazebo so you will be protected from sun or rain.  Come and meet your friends or bring a friend with you. 

Friday 30th July Teddington Circuit Book Club meets again at 7.30.  We will be discussing The Salt Path by Raynor Winn. If you would like to join us, contact Jill Fraser at jill16ml@aol.com.  Details of the meeting, whether face to face or via zoom (you can phone in to a zoom meeting if you wish) will be sent nearer the time. 

Open Gardens — we have the chance to admire more gardens on Sundays in August from 3 - 5 pm. 

Sunday 1st August —- Pam and Brian Kent 

Sunday 29th August. —  Jill Harker 

Ask the “gardener “or steward for details.  There is usually a cup of tea offered and a donation pot for a charity of the “gardeners” choice.



‘Encounters with God’


For some years at TMC we have had a Summer Series with each preacher taking part, but ‘doing their own thing', otherwise it becomes very complicated!   Past themes have included Paul's Missionary Journeys and Women in the Bible.  Because of lockdown, we were not able to have a Summer Series last year. This year we have selected the very broad theme - ‘Encounters with God’, from both the Old and New Testament, but hopefully with stories which inspires us and thus we may inspire others. Do come, share worship with us during the Summer and be inspired!







25th July



Bronwyn Coveney


‘Encountering God

at the margins’


John 4: 4-42


1st August



Revd David Innes


‘Overcoming Guilt’


Psalm 51


8th August



Danny Sitton


‘Wrestling with God’



Genesis 32: 24-32


15th August



Mark Gilks



Called for such a time as this


Esther 4: 5-17



22nd August



Jill Harker/

Robert Mortimer

Life changing encounters

with Jesus


Luke:24 13-35


29th August



Tim Yu


 ‘The World’s No 1 Bestseller!’


2 Timothy 3: 14-17


Jill Harker/Robert Mortimer