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You are welcome

It is great that you are interested in exploring baptism, whether for yourself or for your child. Baptism celebrates God’s love for us and his invitation to respond. God loved us before we first loved him, so we can celebrate his love for children who can’t yet respond and his promise to be with them throughout their lives. Baptism can also be a sign of commitment to God for those who are old enough to understand what it means.

First steps

As we are celebrating God’s love for your child, you don’t have to be a church member to have her/him baptised. The first step is to meet with the minister. This is best arranged at one of our Sunday morning services, so that you can see the church and so that the baptism service isn’t the first service that you have attended at the church and you can feel more at home on that special day.

God’s family

Baptism is a sign of welcome into God’s family, so baptisms at Teddington Methodist Church take place when God’s family is gathered at the Sunday morning service. You are welcome to choose members of your friends and family to be godparents. It is best to choose at least one who is an active church member as their role is to support you in the Christian upbringing of your child.

Informed choice

Baptism is the beginning of your child’s journey with God. When they grow up, they can choose for themselves whether to make that baptism meaningful by confirming it and becoming a member of the church. They do need to be able to make an informed choice. To enable them to do that, you are strongly encouraged to bring them along to suitable activities at the church.


You may wish to celebrate after the service with family and friends and, if you would like to bring refreshments for them to the church, you are welcome to book our church hall.

Your journey with God

If you were baptised as the child, you can respond to God’s commitment to you by being committed to him through being confirmed and becoming a church member. If you weren’t baptised as a child, you can be baptised as an adult as part of a service of commitment.

The cost of baptism

There is no fee for baptism, but it is an invitation to live your life for God.


David A. Innes, MInister