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Summer Events for Children

Sunday 29th July 

10.30am Morning Service “Thy Kingdom Come…” Led by Jill Harker 

Sunday 5th August  

10.30am Communion Service “Thy Will Be Done…” Led by Rev David Innes

News & Notes The next edition will be 5th August. Items should reach Sarah Waine by noon on 2nd August.  News and Notes will be published fortnightly over the summer holiday on 5th and 19th August and 2nd September. If you would like to receive News & Notes by e-mail, please let Sarah know. 

General Information & News 

Visitors and those new to Teddington Methodist Church A leaflet “Teddington Methodist Church – A Warm Welcome for the Whole Community” is available in the narthex. We welcome anybody who may wish to become a member of TMC. 

Prayer requests If you have someone you would like prayers for, please write the details on the sheets on the table at the back of the church. Details will be given out in the service. 

Churches Together in Teddington: Please pray for

22nd July National Physical Laboratory Christian Fellowship

29th July Teddington Baptist Church 

Circuit Prayers

22nd July Please pray for Sunbury Methodist Church and Friday Tots.  Please also pray for Burundi – Pray for respect and co-operation between Hutus and Tutsis who are elected to serve in government together in this land that has suffered genocide in the 1990s and still has human rights issues.

29th July Please pray for Teddington Methodist Church and Friday Fellowship.  Please also pray for Cambodia – there are still deep psychological wounds from the 1970s Khmer Rouge regime, and there is a high level of exploitation of unprotected children. Pray for Christians to make a difference in the areas of justice and peace. 

Open Gardens Could you offer your garden for people to visit and enjoy a drink, even if your garden is not at its best?  We like the opportunity to sit in someone else's garden. It could be on a Sunday afternoon or a Saturday morning.  Please give your name to a Steward or Sarah Waine. (22nd July and 12th August are already taken!) 

Saturday Coffee Mornings if you are able to host a coffee morning at your home in the month of August. Please speak to a Steward or Sue Morrell. We do not hold coffee mornings in church during August but it is nice to meet up, so we will keep you posted if we have volunteers for people to make coffee at home for you. (4th  and 11th August are already taken!) Coffee mornings in the Church continue to the end of July. Venues for August coffee mornings will be announced in News and Notes 

Church door left open. Please could all keyholders and other users remember that they are responsible for the building security. There have been several occasions recently when the Playgroup have arrived in the morning to find doors open and the building not secure.  If you open a door please close it behind you, and if you find a door open, close it when you have finished. The Hampton Road door seems to be particularly likely to be left open as very few people go that way. Please remember that it is not possible to lock someone in any part of the building, but it is unfortunately all too easy to leave the building vulnerable. We are asking all our users to be extra vigilant about this. 

Hampton Methodist Church Bike Project. The church has become a 'Bike Hub’ what this means is they collect second-hand bikes (adult and children's) which are then donated to The Bike Project who refurbish them and donate them to refugees and asylum seekers in London. For more details please see the poster in the narthex.

We are going to run a holiday club day from 10.00-3.00 on Wednesday 28th August at Teddington. Other churches in our circuit are having other activity sessions for children on other days in that week.  We will need lots of volunteers in a range of capacities, kitchen, crafts music, games and for things we haven't thought of yet! If you can help, please give your name to Cathy Trevelyan. Also spread the word to local children (or grandchildren/friends who aren't local)! Advertising will be coming out soon. 

JMA – Colin is very pleased to let you know that the JMA collectors have collected a total of £700.36 up to the end of June this year, with more to come as they collect payments up to the end of August before the new year starts! If you already contribute to this charity please consider paying up to the end of August, in advance, to make things a bit easier for the collectors over the summer break. If you would like to start contributing, to the charity, a small amount each week from September please speak to Sarah Waine. 

Dates for your Diary 

Sunday 22nd July Open Garden at George and Hilary Symm’s. They will be selling cream teas and jars of jam in aid of the church roof repairs. 

Friday 27th July The Friday Fellowship will meet at 10.00am on in the Garden Room.  I look forward to seeing whoever has an hour to spare to join with us to share in a Bible study of a Psalm and prayers.  Entry via the gate from Stanley Road.  Jill. 

Saturday 28th July There will be a coffee morning in the Church as usual. Proceeds will be for Action for Children.  

Saturday 4th August Coffee Morning at the home of Claire Kilvington. 

Saturday 11th August   Coffee with Gardening at The Manse, the home of our Minister David Innes and Dorothy. This involves bringing some gardening tools with you.  More information later. 

Sunday 12th August Open Garden at Margaret and Robert Mortimer’s.